…the walrus

I am Gillian Robertson. I was born in a rural northern town, and my heart will always dwell there among the evergreens. I have been making art since I was a child, and my passions have never been subdued. I was originally a painter, but since my induction into the Visual Arts program here at UVic, I have begun to expand and experiment within the mediums of sculpture, printmaking, photography, and film. I tend to work in and around the ideas of the “home” and what home means for different people. I am interested in the traditions of storytelling and creating narratives in my works. In my work I am striving to comment on what I feel to be the trials and tribulations that are inevitably unavoidable when exploring ones self and coming into knowledge about what it is that makes us the fine, complicated, emotional, irrational, intricate, loving animals that we are.


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